November 17, 2017

Industry Partners

Wunderbar’s Industry Partners

The Australian Window Association is made up of over 500 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia. Members of the association have products tested to Australian Standard AS2047. You can be confident that products are made to withstand Australian conditions when purchasing from an AWA member. Don’t risk costly replacement of non compliant products that are not suited to Australian conditions.

Wunderbar is Accredited member 495-01, and has been a member of the AWA for over 10 years consistently meeting the requirements of annual AWA Compliance Audits conducted by AWA Accredited independent auditors.

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) provides a scientifically based, fair and credible rating system for the assessment of fenestration products for their energy efficiency performance. WERS is accredited by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) and adheres to AFRC protocols and procedures for the rating of windows and glazed doors. Energy Ratings provided by WERS are third party certified to the AFRC requirements, compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC), and able to be used to meet regulatory requirements.

Wunderbar product ratings can be searched and viewed on the WERS website.

The Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) was established in 1875 by a group of distinguished Builders intent on raising standards within the industry. Since that time, the Organisation has grown to become a pre-eminent industry voice with members universally renowned for their reliability, skill and professionalism.
Master Builders is a broad based Organisation, servicing the needs of the entire industry and helps all their
members, whether they have large or small businesses, to win work, perform their work  and support their business in being the best in the Building and Construction industry.

Wunderbar has been a Master Builders Member for over 16 years and has achieved member status “Gold”.

Ziptrak® products are sold through a network of fabricators and retailers across Australia and internationally. Choosing a retailer that purchases from an Authorised Fabricator means you can be confident that you have received a genuine Ziptrak® blind system and it has been supplied as per the manufacturer standards. Ziptrak® is Australia’s favourite track guided blind system, patented in 2001 by Ziptrak Pty Ltd, a family-owned 100%  Australian company. Wunderbar has been a retailer and installer of Ziptrak for over 10 years.


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