August 4, 2016

Shower Screens

Essential & Signature Shower-screens

With style, safety, and practicality, our shower-screens add a modern, sleek finish to any bathroom. Made from safety glass with a glazing system designed to reduce mould and mildew, our showerscreens are easy-maintenance and easy on the eyes. The Essential range is fully framed and is glazed with 4mm safety glass, the Signature range is semi-framed and is glazed with 6mm safety glass. A unique water deflector strip is fitted for superior splash resistance and a self draining sill improves water resistance.


Frameless Shower-screen

The Frameless Shower-screen is Wunderbar’s premium shower-screen; a stylish addition to any home. Easy to maintain and clean with no tracks or channels to encourage mould or mildew. Made from superior strength 10mm safety glass, this shower-screen is strong but elegant.