August 5, 2016

Our Colours

About Wunderbar’s Colours

Wunderbar uses only quality powdercoats and all metal is pre-treated to ensure the best possible adhesion and durability.

On occasions, some colours, whether powders, paints or furnishing, may share the same colour name but be entirely different in appearance. This is especially true when comparing products that have been painted with paint originating from different manufacturers. For example “Primrose” from Dulux differs from Taubmans “Primrose”. When choosing colours, remember to always specify the line & shade number with the colour name to ensure that you get what you have ordered. Actual painted samples and colour cards are available at Wunderbar for colour matching. Be aware that the colour samples you see on your screen below may not accurately represent the powdercoat as colours can vary between monitor screens. Wunderbar offers additional colours to the standard Colorbond range.

If you are interested in any other colours please enquire.

Finish Type
This is used to describe the sheen or reflectivity of the colour, such as gloss, satin, matt