November 2, 2017


Does Wunderbar have ready-made products in stock?

Wunderbar does not warehouse an inventory of finished products. Each product is made-to-order which enables Wunderbar to meet the customers unique needs and specifications. Sometimes product does end up in ‘stock’, this is limited and changes constantly so if you are interested just give us a call.

Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed?

Once an order has been placed in our system it is allocated a production date, delivery date and all materials required are ordered. Some changes may be arranged if made soon after placing the order, however you need to speak with your sales representative to find out if it is possible.

Are Wunderbar's products manufactured to Australian Standards?

All Wunderbar’s products are manufactured to comply with all requirements under The Building Code of Australia (BCA). For more information on building regulations, please contact the BCA.

Are Wunderbar's products covered by a warranty?

Yes. Wunderbar is a member of the Australian Window Association and as such conforms to an Industry Code of Conduct designed to protect consumers.

Subject to the conditions and limitations below, Wunderbar guarantees its products against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials.

Please refer Wunderbar’s Warranty document for more information on the terms and conditions.

How do I clean my Wunderbar products?

To ensure that your Wunderbar products perform correctly for many years, please follow the instructions on the Care and Maintenance section of this website.

Does Wunderbar install windows and doors?

Yes. In most situations Wunderbar can remove old windows and install new, or install into prepared openings. Wunderbar does not provide additional carpentry services such as structural alterations.

What are the differences between frame sizes and stud sizes?

Aluminium frame sizes refer to the overall size of the window and door frames. Stud sizes refer to the overall size of the window and door frames with the addition of the timber reveals used for installation.

Please note that all sizes shown on a Wunderbar quote are aluminium frame sizes. If you are uncertain of your products stud sizes please speak to a Wunderbar representative.

Do your windows and doors accommodate double glazing?

Yes. Please contact one of Wunderbar’s sales reps to confirm availability of double glazing in the products you are interested in.

What's the difference between a framed and a semi-frameless shower screen?

A framed shower screen has an aluminium frame around every panel of glass including along the handling edge of the door. The door of a semi-frameless shower screen does not have an aluminium frame.

Why are frameless shower screens more expensive than framed and semi-frameless shower screens?

The reasons why frameless shower screens are expensive are because of the thickness of safety glass (10mm) and the quality of the hardware and hinges used on them. They are also more labour intensive to install than framed and semi-frameless shower screens.

Are there standard sized shower screens, wardrobe doors and safety screen doors?

No. All Wunderbar’s shower screens, wardrobe doors and safety screen doors are custom made to best suit your needs and specifications.