October 26, 2017

E – H

E – H


Edge Clearance
Nominal spacing between edge of glass product and bottom of the glazing pocket (channel).

Edge Seal
Seal around the perimeter edge of an insulating glass unit and the panes of glass.

External Glaze
A design which permits the glass to be glazed from outside the building.

Aluminium profiles used in a window. An extrusion is produced by pushing material through a die with an aperture of the shape of the section.


Factory Glaze
Windows that are glazed in the factory before delivery to site.

Federation Windows
A window that is configured to a style that recreates the early federation style of windows. Can be federation style glazing or profiled wide appearance framing or both.

The arrangement of windows and other openings on the external walls of buildings, especially the facade.

A piece of glass positioned such as to provide lateral support.

Any item that is used to secure members of a window assembly to each other, to secure an item of hardware to a window member, or to secure a completed window assembly into the building structure.

An impervious membrane installed to prevent ingress of water into the building.

Flashing Fin
A perimeter fin that is an integral part of the frame extrusions. It has been normal practice for brick veneer houses that no additional flashing is normally required. (See also Reveal Fin)

Float Glass
Glass formed on a bath of molten tin. The two surfaces are flat, parallel and polished, giving clear, undistorted vision and reflection.

A support structure consisting of head, jambs and sill to form an opening into which glazing or door panels fit.


Gas Fill
A process in which argon or krypton is filled into the cavity of insulating glass to improve thermal performance.

Pre-formed shapes (e.g. strips) of rubber or rubber-like composition used to Fill and seal a joint or opening alone or in conjunction with a supplemental application of a sealant.

Glazing Bar
A member that is added to a standard window construction to change the appearance of the window. It can be in the form in which the glass is glazed, clipped, or stuck onto either or both faces of the glass.

Glazing Bead
Strip or trim surrounding the edge of the glass in a window or door that holds the glass in place.

Glazing Channel
Three-sided, U-shaped detail into which a glass product is Installed and retained.

Glazing Leg
The portion of the window section which is used to retain the glass in conjunction with the bead.

Glazing Rebate
A recessed edge that receives the glass in a window frame.


Equipment used in the opening, operating, closing, locking and stopping of sashes.

Head Flashing
Flashing installed in a wall over a window.

All horizontal members at the top of the window frame.

Head Rail
The top horizontal bar of a double hung sash or a door.

Heat Gain
Solar radiant heat, transmitted or emitted by glazing into a building, contributing to the building up of heat.

Heat Loss
The transfer of heat from inside to outside by means of conduction, convection and radiation through all surfaces of a house.

High Rise
A multi-storey building.