October 26, 2017

I – L

I – L



The movement of outdoor air into the interior of a building through cracks around windows and doors or in walls, roofs and floors.

Erection and fixing of window frame on site.

Insulating Glass Unit (IGU)
A hermetically sealed, multiple-pane glazing system consisting of two or more glazing layers held and bonded at their perimeter by a spacer bar. It is termed ‘insulating’ because thermal heat transfer is reduced compared with single glass.

Construction materials used for protection from noise, heat, cold or fire.

Any material used to bond two panes of glass and/or plastic together to form laminated glass.

Inter locking Stile
An upright frame member of a panel in a sliding glass door which engages with a corresponding member in an adjacent panel when the door is closed.

Internal Glaze
A design which permits the glass to be glazed from inside the building.


Sides of a window frame.

Space or opening between two or more adjoining surfaces.


An inert, nontoxic gas used in insulating windows to reduce heat transfer.


Laminated Glass
Two or more layers of glass permanently bonded with one or more polymer interlayer to form a single, unified glazing with improved safety and/or ultra violet protection properties.

Left Hand
To describe a component or design. It is always taken viewing the window from the outside.

A horizontal framing member placed across the top of the rough opening of a window or door opening to prevent the weight of the wall or roof from resting on the window frame.

Alternative term for a pane of glass.

Light Organic Solvent Preservative. It is a chemical treatment used on timber to protect it from fungi, mould, termites and other wood borers.

Low-e Glass
Low-emission glass (Low-e) is a clear glass; it has a microscopically- thin coating of metal oxide. This allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass into the building. At the same time it blocks heat from leaving the room, reducing the loss considerably.

Low Lite
The portion of the window that is below the transom.